Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Contacting Support

If you need technical support or help with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you can go to My Oracle Support and create a service request.

In addition to support for technical issues, use My Oracle Support if you need to:

  • Reset the password or unlock the account for the tenancy administrator
  • Add or change a tenancy administrator
  • Request a service limit increase

Before you can create a service request for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you must have an account and you must register your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CSI with My Oracle Support. See Using My Oracle Support for the First Time for details.

Creating a Service Request

To create a service request:

  1. Go to My Oracle Support and sign in.

    If you are not signed in to Oracle Cloud Support, click Switch to Cloud Support at the top of the page.

  2. Click Create Service Request.
  3. Select the following from the displayed menus:
    • Service Type: Select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure from the list.

    • Service Name: Select the appropriate option for your organization.
    • Problem Type: Select your problem type from the list.

  4. Enter your contact information.
  5. Enter a Description, and then enter the required fields specific to your issue. For most Oracle Cloud Infrastructure issues you need to include the OCID (Oracle Cloud Identifier) for each resource you need help with. See Locating Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IDs for instructions on locating these.

For help with any of the general fields in the service request or for information on managing your service requests, click Help at the top of the Oracle Cloud Support page.

Locating Oracle Cloud Infrastructure IDs

Use the following tips to help you locate identifiers you might be asked to provide:

Finding Your tenancy OCID (Oracle Cloud Identifier)
Finding the OCID of a Compartment
Finding the OCID of a Resource
Finding Your Customer Service Identifier (CSI)
Finding Your opc-request-id in the Console

Using My Oracle Support for the First Time

Before you can create service requests with My Oracle Support, you need to have an Oracle Single Sign On (SSO) account and you need to register your Customer Support Identifier (CSI) with My Oracle Support.


Before you begin this procedure, have your CSI handy (see Finding Your Customer Service Identifier (CSI)).

To request an SSO account and register with My Oracle Support
If you have previously registered, but need to add the CSI for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

For more information about signing in and using My Oracle Support, see Registration, Sign In, and Accessibility Options in My Oracle Support Help.