Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure includes the following:

Archive Storage

Archive Storage helps you store data that is accessed infrequently and requires long retention periods.


The Audit service helps you track activity in your environment.

Block Volume

Block Volume helps you dynamically provision and manage block storage volumes.


The Compute service helps you provision and manage compute hosts, known as instances, to meet your compute and application requirements.

Container Engine for Kubernetes

Container Engine for Kubernetes helps you define and create Kubernetes clusters to enable the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

Data Transfer

Data Transfer helps you easily and securely migrate your data in an offline manner to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


The Database service helps you provision and manage Oracle databases.


The DNS service helps you create and manage your DNS zones.

Email Delivery

The Email Delivery service helps you send large volume email and ensure that your message reaches your recipients' inboxes.

File Storage

The File Storage service helps you manage shared file systems, mount targets, and snapshots.


The IAM service helps you set up administrators, users, and groups and specify their permissions.

Internet Intelligence

The Internet Intelligence service provides you internet analytics with market performance and IP troubleshooting tools.

Key Management

Key Management helps you centrally manage the encryption of your data.

Load Balancing

Load Balancing helps you create a regional load balancer within your VCN.


Networking helps you set up virtual versions of traditional network components.

Object Storage

Object Storage helps you manage data as objects stored in containers.


Registry helps you store, share, and manage development artifacts like Docker images in an Oracle-managed registry.


Search helps you find resources in your tenancy without requiring you to navigate through different services and compartments.