Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Preparing for Registry

Before you can push and pull Docker images to and from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry:

  • You must have access to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy. The tenancy must be subscribed to one or more of the regions in which Registry is available (see Availability by Region Name and Region Code).
  • You must have access to the Docker CLI (for example, to push and pull images on a local machine, you'll need to have installed Docker on the local machine).
  • You must either belong to a group to which a policy grants the appropriate permissions, or belong to the tenancy's Administrators group. See Policies to Control Repository Access.
  • You must have an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure auth token. If you don't have an auth token already, see Getting an Auth Token.

Availability by Region Name and Region Code

Registry is available in the following regions. Note that you have to use the region code in some commands. In some cases, you might have to use shortened versions of availability domain names.

Region Name Region Identifier Region Code Shortened Availability Domain Names
India West (Mumbai) ap-mumbai-1 bom
  • AP-MUMBAI-1-AD-1
South Korea Central (Seoul) ap-seoul-1 icn
  • AP-SEOUL-1-AD-1
Australia East (Sydney) ap-sydney-1 syd
  • AP-SYDNEY-1-AD-1
Japan East (Tokyo) ap-tokyo-1 nrt
  • AP-TOKYO-1-AD-1
Canada Southeast (Toronto) ca-toronto-1 yyz
Germany Central (Frankfurt) eu-frankfurt-1 fra
Switzerland North (Zurich) eu-zurich-1 zrh
  • EU-ZURICH-1-AD-1
Brazil East (Sao Paulo) sa-saopaulo-1 gru
UK South (London) uk-london-1 lhr
  • UK-LONDON-1-AD-1
  • UK-LONDON-1-AD-2
  • UK-LONDON-1-AD-3
US East (Ashburn) us-ashburn-1 iad
US West (Phoenix) us-phoenix-1 phx
  • PHX-AD-1
  • PHX-AD-2
  • PHX-AD-3