Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Bring Your Own Image

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enables you to bring versions of operating system (OS) to the cloud as long as the underlying hardware supports it. The services do not depend on the OS you run. The Bring Your Own Image (BYOI) feature:

  • Enables lift-and-shift cloud migration projects.
  • Supports both older and cutting edge operating systems.
  • Encourages experimentation.
  • Increases infrastructure flexibility.

Licensing Requirements

You must comply with all licensing requirements when you upload and start instances based on OS images you supply.

Bring Your Own Image Scenarios

The Bring Your Own Image scenarios supported in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure include scenarios based on new operating system images and scenarios based on existing operating system images.

Building new operating system images

Oracle provides several pre-built images for Oracle Linux, Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu and CentOS. For the complete list of images, see Oracle-Provided Images.

Bringing existing operating system images