Microsoft Licensing on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

This topic provides information about the licensing requirements to use Microsoft products on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Moving Microsoft Licenses to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: Microsoft License Mobility

Microsoft Volume Licensing customers can move eligible Microsoft server application licenses purchased under a Volume Licensing agreement to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. To do this, you must enroll in the License Mobility through Microsoft Software Assurance benefit. This benefit is included with an active Software Assurance contract. You don't need to purchase additional Microsoft software licenses, and there are no associated mobility fees.

For more information about this Microsoft benefit, see Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance.

Eligibility Requirements

To enroll in Microsoft License Mobility through Software Assurance, you must be a Microsoft Volume License customer with eligible server application products. The following are key requirements:

  • Windows Server operating systems, desktop client operating systems, and desktop applications such as Microsoft Office are not eligible under License Mobility through Software Assurance.
  • Active Software Assurance coverage is required on eligible licenses migrated to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • All licenses that are used to run and access your licensed software require active Software Assurance coverage. This includes server licenses, processor licenses, Client Access Licenses (CALs), External Connector (EC) licenses, and server management licenses. Your rights to run licensed software and manage instances on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure expire with the expiration of the Software Assurance coverage on those licenses.
  • Eligible Volume Licensing programs include the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement, and Microsoft Open Value agreement, where Software Assurance is included, and other Volume Licensing programs where Software Assurance is an option, such as the Microsoft Open License agreement and the Microsoft Select Plus agreement.
  • You may move Microsoft licenses from on-premises or another cloud services provider only after more than 90 days have passed since the last license move.
  • Eligible Microsoft licenses on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure must be maintained for a minimum period of 90 days in a specific Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region. After the 90-day period, you may move the licensed software to a shared host in another Oracle Cloud Infrastructure region.
  • Any Microsoft Server licenses permitted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure must be eligible according to the latest Microsoft Product Terms. It is your responsibility to verify that the licenses you bring to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are eligible according to the latest Microsoft Product Terms.

Enrolling in License Mobility through Software Assurance

All customers using License Mobility through Software Assurance must complete a license verification process. Microsoft verifies that you have eligible licenses with active Software Assurance and sends confirmation when the verification process is complete.

You can deploy your application server software before completing the verification process, but you must submit the license verification form within 10 days of deployment.

You are responsible for managing true ups and renewals as required under your Volume Licensing agreement.

You must submit a new form each time that you deploy additional licenses, when you renew your agreement, and when you deploy any previously unverified products.

To enroll in License Mobility through Software Assurance:

  1. Verify that you are a Microsoft Volume Licensing customer with eligible application server licenses that are covered by active Software Assurance.
  2. Download the license verification form:

    1. Go to the Microsoft Product Licensing search page.
    2. In the Document Type area, select License Verification.
    3. Filter the results by language, region, and business sector. Note that the verification form is not available in the WW (World Wide) region.

    4. Download the LicenseMobilityVerif document.
  3. Complete the license verification form. To specify Oracle as the Authorized Mobility Partner, provide the following information:

    • Authorized Mobility Partner Name: Oracle America, Inc.
    • Authorized Mobility Partner Website URL:
    • Authorized Mobility Partner Email Address:

    For instructions to complete the form, see the Microsoft License Mobility Verification Guide (PDF).

  4. Submit the completed verification form to both Microsoft and Oracle:

    • Microsoft: Submit the form through your Microsoft reseller or directly to the email address in the form.
    • Oracle: Send the form to

    Microsoft and Oracle verify that the product licenses for the workloads you deploy to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are eligible according to the terms of your License Mobility through Software Assurance benefit. Microsoft will communicate your verification status to you and to Oracle as an Authorized Mobility Partner.

Using Microsoft Windows on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure: FAQ

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is licensed to provide Microsoft software offerings, including being a Microsoft Authorized License Mobility Partner.

For the latest Microsoft licensing requirements, refer to the Microsoft Product Terms.

If you can't find the answer to your question here, or you need more assistance running Microsoft products on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, contact Oracle Support.

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