Resource Tags

When you have many resources (for example, instances, VCNs, load balancers, and block volumes) across multiple compartments in your tenancy, it can become difficult to track resources used for specific purposes, or to aggregate them, report on them, or take bulk actions on them. Tagging allows you to define keys and values and associate them with resources. You can then use the tags to help you organize and list resources based on your business needs.

There are two types of tags:

Defined tags are set up in your tenancy by an administrator. Only users granted permission to work with the defined tags can apply them to resources.

Free-form tags can be applied by any user with permissions on the resource.

For more detailed information about tags and their features, see Tagging Overview.


Watch a video to introduce you to the concepts and features of tagging: Introduction to Tagging.

Working with Resource Tags


Avoid entering confidential information when assigning descriptions, tags, or friendly names to your cloud resources through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, API, or CLI.

To add a defined tag to an existing resource
To add a free-form tag to an existing resource
To add a tag during resource creation
To filter a list of resources by a tag
To update a tag applied to a resource
To remove a tag from a resource

Using the API

For information about using the API and signing requests, see REST APIs and Security Credentials. For information about SDKs, see Software Development Kits and Command Line Interface.

To apply a tag to a resource using the API, use the appropriate resource's create or update operation.