IP Address Ranges

This topic provides information about public IP address ranges for services that are deployed in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Allow traffic to these CIDR blocks to ensure access to the services.

Endpoints for Oracle YUM repos and the Oracle Container Registry are listed on this page. You can use DNS lookup to determine the public IP address for each endpoint.

Public IP Addresses for VCNs and the Oracle Services Network

Public IP address ranges for VCNs and the Oracle Services Network are published to a JSON file which you can download and view manually or consume programmatically.

The Oracle Services Network is a conceptual network in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure that is reserved for Oracle services. A service gateway offers private access to the Oracle Services Network from workloads in your VCN and your on-premises network. The published addresses correspond to the service CIDR label called All <region> Services in Oracle Services Network. For a list of the services available with a service gateway, see Service Gateway: Supported Cloud Services in Oracle Services Network.

Downloading the JSON File

Use this link to download the current list of public IP ranges.

You can poll the published file to check for new IP address ranges as frequently as every 24 hours. We recommend that you poll the published file at least weekly.

JSON File Contents and Syntax

IP addresses are published in the public_ip_ranges.json file with the fields in the following table.

Example of the public_ip_ranges.json file
Field Name Definition Type Example

File creation time in ISO 8601 format.

Expressed as <date>T<time>

string "last_updated_timestamp": "2019-11-18T19:55:47.204985"
regions IP CIDR ranges grouped by region. array See preceding Example of the public_ip_ranges.json file

The region of the IP CIDR ranges.

Valid values: Any region in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure commercial realm.

For a complete list of regions, see Regions and Availability Domains.

string  "region": "us-phoenix-1"
cidrs A group of IP address CIDR ranges. array See preceding Example of the public_ip_ranges.json file
cidr One or more IPv4 IP addresses expressed in CIDR notation. string "cidr": ""

The services associated with the IP address CIDR range.

Valid values:

array of string values "tags": [ "OCI" ]

Filtering the JSON file contents

After you download the JSON file, you can use a command line tool such as jq to filter the contents.

Download jq

Here are some examples of how you can use the tool to find and filter the information you need:

Find the creation date of the JSON file:

jq .last_updated_timestamp < public_ip_ranges.json

Get all IPv4 addresses for a specific region:

jq -r '.regions[] | select (.region=="us-phoenix-1") | .cidrs[] | select (.cidr | contains(".")) | .cidr ' < public_ip_ranges.json

Public IP Addresses for the Oracle YUM Repos

The Oracle YUM repos have the following regional public endpoints.

Region YUM Server Endpoint
Netherlands Northwest (Amsterdam) https://yum-eu-amsterdam-1.oracle.com
Australia East (Sydney) https://yum-ap-sydney-1.oracle.com
Canada Southeast (Toronto) https://yum-ca-toronto-1.oracle.com
Germany Central (Frankfurt) https://yum-eu-frankfurt-1.oracle.com
India West (Mumbai) https://yum-ap-mumbai-1.oracle.com
Japan Central (Osaka) https://yum-ap-osaka-1.oracle.com
Japan East (Tokyo) https://yum-ap-tokyo-1.oracle.com
Saudi Arabia West (Jeddah) https://yum-me-jeddah-1.oracle.com
Australia Southeast (Melbourne) https://yum-ap-melbourne-1.oracle.com
South Korea Central (Seoul) https://yum-ap-seoul-1.oracle.com
UK South (London) https://yum-uk-london-1.oracle.com
US East (Ashburn) https://yum-us-ashburn-1.oracle.com
US West (Phoenix) https://yum-us-phoenix-1.oracle.com

You can use DNS lookup to determine the public IP address for each endpoint.