Setting Audit Log Retention Period

By default, Audit logs are retained for 90 days. You can configure log retention for up to 365 days. You can edit the log retention period in the tenancy details page.

Retention period is a tenancy-level setting. The value of the retention period setting affects all regions and all compartments. You can't set different retention periods for different regions or compartments.

Using the Console

To modify the Audit log retention period
  1. Open the Profile menu (User menu icon) and click Tenancy: <your_tenancy_name>.

    The tenancy details are displayed. The Audit Retention Period is displayed under Tenancy Information.

  2. Click Edit Audit Retention Policy. Enter the number of days you want to retain the audit logs for. The minimum you can set the value to is 90 and the maximum is 365. This value is enforced for all regions and all compartments in the tenancy.
  3. Click Submit.


    You don't see the new value immediately

    It may take several minutes for the new setting to display in the Console.