SDK for Ruby

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDK for Ruby enables you to write code to manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources.


This project is no longer being actively developed by Oracle. We will continue to address security vulnerabilities for the foreseeable future, and will respond to questions on github, but have no plans to introduce any new functionality, and may not be able to address any non-security related issues. We encourage developers to migrate to other OCI SDKs, and developers may fork the project and enhance it as they desire.

This SDK and sample are dual-licensed under the Universal Permissive License 1.0 and the Apache License 2.0; third-party content is separately licensed as described in the code.

Download: The SDK for Ruby is available on GitHub or RubyGems.

Documentation: SDK for Ruby documentation.

Services Supported

  • Analytics Cloud
  • Announcements
  • API Gateway
  • Application Migration
  • Audit
  • Autoscaling (Compute)
  • Big Data
  • Budgets
  • Container Engine for Kubernetes
  • Content and Experience
  • Core Services (Networking, Compute, Block Volume)
  • Data Catalog
  • Data Flow
  • Data Safe
  • Data Science
  • Data Transfer
  • Database
  • Digital Assistant
  • DNS
  • Email Delivery
  • Events
  • File Storage
  • Functions
  • Health Checks
  • IAM
  • Integration
  • Key Management (for the Vault service)
  • Limits
  • Load Balancing
  • Marketplace
  • Monitoring
  • MySQL Database
  • NoSQL Database Cloud
  • Notifications
  • Object Storage
  • OS Management
  • Quotas
  • Resource Manager
  • Search
  • Secret Management (for the Vault service)
  • Streaming
  • Support Management
  • Web Application Acceleration and Security
  • Work Requests (Compute, Database)

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Got a fix for a bug or a new feature you'd like to contribute? The SDK is open source and accepting pull requests on GitHub.


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