Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Other Tools and Plug-ins

Tools and Plug-ins for SDKs and CLI

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides additional developer tools for automating processes and facilitating development.

Toolkit for Eclipse - The toolkit is an open source plug-in for the Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that enables Java developers to code and deploy applications more quickly and efficiently.

HDFS Connector for Object Storage - Read and write data with your Apache Hadoop application to and from the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage service. Building the connector relies on Maven artifacts that are provided by the SDK for Java.

DevOps Tools and Plug-ins

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides a number of DevOps tools and plug-ins for working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services. These can simplify provisioning and managing infrastructure or enable automated testing and continuous delivery.

Terraform Provider - Manage "infrastructure as code" with this component that connects Terraform to a given Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service.

Ansible Modules - Automate provisioning and configuring of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources, such as Compute, Load Balancing, and Database services.

Chef Knife Plug-in - Manage Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources with Chef Knife, a command line tool that provides an interface between a local chef-repo and the Chef server.

Compute Jenkins Plug-in - Bring up and down services or nodes as required to serve Jenkins Build Jobs and dynamically allocate Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources for continuous integration tasks.

Grafana Plug-in - Visualize metrics from the Monitoring service in your Grafana instance.

Terraform Kubernetes Installer - Provision and configure the resources needed to run a highly available and configurable Kubernetes cluster.

Kubernetes Volume Provisioner - Enable dynamic provisioning of storage resources when running Kubernetes on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

DevOps Integrations

Other Services and Features for DevOps

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides other services and features relevant to DevOps professionals.

  • Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE)
    Reliably build, deploy, and manage cloud-native containerized applications. You specify the compute resources that your applications require, and Container Engine for Kubernetes provisions them on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in an existing tenancy.
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry
    Store, share, and manage development artifacts like Docker images. As Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry is managed by Oracle, your applications are deployed reliably and you don't have to deal with operational issues.