Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Preparing for Oracle Functions

Before you can deploy functions to Oracle Functions:

  • A tenancy administrator must have configured your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy for function development. There are a number of different tenancy configuration tasks to complete. For more information, see Configuring Your Tenancy for Function Development.

    When your tenancy is configured, you will have access, via a suitable policy and user account, to a compartment that has a VCN with at least one public subnet (and an internet gateway) or at least one private subnet (and a service gateway). For more information about these network components, see Overview of Networking.

    You will also have access to a Docker registry in which to store images. This documentation assumes you will be using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry as your Docker registry and provides instructions accordingly. For more information, see Overview of Registry .

  • You must have configured your client environment for functions development. There are a number of different client environment configuration tasks to complete. For more information, see Configuring Your Client Environment for Function Development.

To get set up and running quickly with Oracle Functions, see the Quick Start Guide.

Availability by Region Name and Region Code

Oracle Functions is available in the following regions. Note that you have to use region name and region code in some commands. In some cases, you might have to use shortened versions of availability domain names.

Region Name Region Identifier Region Code Shortened Availability Domain Names
India West (Mumbai) ap-mumbai-1 bom
  • AP-MUMBAI-1-AD-1
South Korea Central (Seoul) ap-seoul-1 icn
  • AP-SEOUL-1-AD-1
Australia East (Sydney) ap-sydney-1 syd
  • AP-SYDNEY-1-AD-1
Japan East (Tokyo) ap-tokyo-1 nrt
  • AP-TOKYO-1-AD-1
Canada Southeast (Toronto) ca-toronto-1 yyz
Germany Central (Frankfurt) eu-frankfurt-1 fra
Switzerland North (Zurich) eu-zurich-1 zrh
  • EU-ZURICH-1-AD-1
Brazil East (Sao Paulo) sa-saopaulo-1 gru
UK South (London) uk-london-1 lhr
  • UK-LONDON-1-AD-1
  • UK-LONDON-1-AD-2
  • UK-LONDON-1-AD-3
US East (Ashburn) us-ashburn-1 iad
US West (Phoenix) us-phoenix-1 phx
  • PHX-AD-1
  • PHX-AD-2
  • PHX-AD-3