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Block Volume Metrics

You can monitor the health, capacity, and performance of your block volumes and boot volumes by using (Monitoring service) A measurement related to health, capacity, or performance of a given resource. Example: CpuUtilization, The trigger rule and query to evaluate and related configuration, such as notification details to use when the trigger is breached. Alarms passively monitor your cloud resources using metrics in Monitoring., and notifications.

This topic describes the metrics emitted by the metric namespace oci_blockstore (the Block Volume service).

Resources: Block volumes and boot volumes.

See Using Block Volumes Service Metrics to Calculate Block Volume Throughput and IOPS for a walkthrough of a performance testing scenario with FIO that shows how you can use these metrics to determine the performance characteristics of your block volume.

Overview of Metrics for an Instance and Its Storage Devices

If you're not already familiar with the different types of metrics available for an instance and its storage and network devices, see Compute Instance Metrics.

Available Metrics: oci_blockstore

The Block Volume service metrics help you measure volume operations and throughput related to Compute instances.

The metrics listed in the following table are automatically available for any block volume or boot volume, regardless of whether the attached instance has monitoring enabled. You do not need to enable monitoring on the volumes to get these metrics.

You also can use the Monitoring service to create custom queries.

Each metric includes the following (Monitoring service) A qualifier provided in a metric definition. Example: Resource identifier (resourceId), provided in the definitions of oci_computeagent metrics.

The An Oracle-assigned unique ID called an Oracle Cloud Identifier (OCID). This ID is included as part of the resource's information in both the Console and API. of the volume attachment.
The An Oracle-assigned unique ID called an Oracle Cloud Identifier (OCID). This ID is included as part of the resource's information in both the Console and API. of the volume.
Metric Metric Display Name Unit Description Dimensions
VolumeReadThroughput* Volume Read Throughput bytes Read throughput. Expressed as bytes read per interval.



VolumeWriteThroughput* Volume Write Throughput bytes Write throughput. Expressed as bytes written per interval.
VolumeReadOps* Volume Read Operations reads Activity level from I/O reads. Expressed as reads per interval.
VolumeWriteOps* Volume Write Operations writes Activity level from I/O writes. Expressed as writes per interval.

* The Compute service separately reports network-related metrics as measured on the instance itself and aggregated across all the attached volumes. Those metrics are available in the oci_computeagent metric namespace. For more information, see Compute Instance Metrics.

Using the Console

To view default metric charts for a single volume
To view default metric charts for multiple volumes

Using the API

For information about using the API and signing requests, see REST APIs and Security Credentials. For information about SDKs, see Software Development Kits and Command Line Interface.

Use the following APIs for monitoring: