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Terraform Provider

This topic provides information about installing, configuring, and using the Terraform provider with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Terraform is a tool that allows you to programmatically manage, version, and persist your IT infrastructure as "infrastructure as code." Terraform uses declarative syntax to describe your infrastructure and then persist it in configuration files that can be shared, reviewed, edited, versioned, preserved, and reused.

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Terraform provider is a component that connects Terraform to the service infrastructure that you wish to manage.

  • Services supported:

    • Audit
    • Container Engine for Kubernetes
    • Compute Autoscaling
    • Core Services (Networking, Compute, Block Volume)
    • Database
    • DNS Service
    • Email Delivery
    • Events
    • FastConnect
    • File Storage
    • Functions
    • Health Checks
    • IAM
    • Key Management
    • Load Balancing
    • Monitoring
    • Notifications
    • Object Storage
    • Streaming
    • Web Application Firewall (WAF)
  • Licensing: This provider and sample is licensed under the Mozilla Public License 2.0; third-party content is separately licensed as described in the code.
  • Documentation: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Provider


Got a fix for a bug, or a new feature you'd like to contribute? The Terraform provider is open source and accepting pull requests on GitHub.


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