Known Issues

The following lists describe the known issues with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Currently, there are no known Announcements issues.

API Gateway

API gateways do not inherit custom DNS servers from subnets

Application Migration

Migration fails for Oracle Java Cloud Service applications that have long names
Unsupported attributes for Oracle Analytics Cloud - Classic application
Unsupported query parameters in the listSourceApplications command
Unsupported query parameter in the listMigrations command


Currently, there are no known Audit issues.

Block Volume

Volume backups copied to a new region are always copied as full backups
Change compartment end event not emitted for block volumes and boot volumes
updatevolumekmskey and updatebootvolumekmskey events missing information for block volumes and boot volumes
volumeId field format is incorrect in create event with manual volume and boot volume backups
additionalDetails information missing for copyvolumebackup.begin and copyvolumebackup.end events
Device path option not available for instances launched before January 11, 2019
409 error occurs when cloning a volume
Attaching a Windows boot volume as a data volume to another instance fails
volume-group create operation fails on Windows instances using the CLI
Boot Volume resize fails for clone and restore from backup using the CLI
CLI help text is incorrect for Volume and Boot Volume create commands
bootVolumeSizeInGBs attribute is null


Boot Volume Backup Size Larger than Expected
Intermittent issues with SSH access, DNS lookups, and access to the metadata service
iSCSI-attached volumes do not connect on reboot
iscsid service should be configured to restart automatically
Virtual machine (VM) DenseIO instances launch with an iSCSI attached boot volume
Virtual machine (VM) instances launch with an iSCSI attached boot volume when you specify a value for the ipxeScript attribute
Instances experience system hang after running firewall-cmd --reload
Network icon on Windows 2016 instances displays incorrect status
Instances running October release of Ubuntu 18.04 experience system hang
kmsKeyId attribute is null
Ubuntu instance fails to reboot after enabling Uncomplicated Firewall (UFW)
Unable to log in to instance launched from new generalized Windows custom image
Custom image created from Windows instance may cause Windows to boot into safe mode
Instances launched from Ubuntu 16 custom images require custom network configuration
Secondary VNIC detachment times out for some instances launched from imported custom images
Secondary VNIC may be non-functional for older CentOS, Oracle Linux, and RHEL images
Invalid image error when exporting an image
CentOS 6.x instances experience delays or crashes when creating an ext2, ext3, or ext4 file system
Authentication error occurs when connecting to the serial console for a bare metal instance
Incorrect system time on Windows VM instances when you change the default time zone
Serial console connections do not work for older instances
Inactive listImage parameters and missing Image response fields
Instance reboot fails if the Network Manager service is installed
Non-ASCII characters in the instance name can cause Windows launch failures
Instance pools and cluster networks fail to launch when the associated instance configuration or load balancer includes defined tags
RESOLVED: Instances created from an instance configuration do not include all options that are configured on the source instance
Automatic updates using Oracle Ksplice fail with some FastConnect networking setups
Oracle Autonomous Linux images cannot be managed by the OS Management service
Missing flag is required for the OS Management service for instances created before September 2019
VM.Standard.E3.Flex shape shows incorrect maximum number of VNICs
VM.Standard.E3.Flex and BM.Standard.E3.128 default service limits are restricted to a single availability domain in some regions

Cloud Shell

The command 'oci os object put' fails in Cloud Shell


Bug in the Firefox browser can cause the Console not to load

Container Engine for Kubernetes

Unable to launch Kubernetes Dashboard
Unable to access in-cluster Helm
Some Kubernetes features (for example, the Metrics Server) cannot communicate with the kubelet via http/2
Kubernetes pods fail to mount volumes due to timeouts

Data Catalog

Unable to import a large business glossary file
Rich-Text formatting lost while exporting a glossary
Partial deletion of large data assets
Issues in incremental harvest of data assets

Data Flow

Files required for each application should be in the same region where the application is created.
Log outputs, specifically driver and executor logs, take approximately 12 minutes after a run is complete to show in the Data Flow Console.
Stream processing of high throughput data is currently not supported.
Data Flow applications using PySpark do not allow dependency management or inclusion of 3rd party libraries.
Spark UI errors

Data Science

Currently, there are no known issues with the Data Science service.


All DB Systems

Billing issue when changing license type
RESOLVED: Service gateway does not currently support OS updates

Bare Metal and Virtual Machine DB Systems Only

Backing up to Object Storage using dbcli or RMAN fails due to certificate change
Breaking changes in Database service SDKs
Unable to use Managed Backups in your DB system
Managed Automatic Backups fail on the VM.Standard1.1 shape due to a process crash
Oracle Data Pump operations return "ORA-00439: feature not enabled"
Unable to connect to the EM Express console from your 1-node DB system

Exadata DB Systems Only

Backing up to Object Storage using bkup_api or RMAN fails due to certificate change
Console information not synced for Data Guard enabled databases when using dbaascli
Grid Infrastructure does not start after offlining and onlining a disk
Managed features not enabled for systems provisioned before June 15, 2018
Patching configuration file points to wrong region
Various database workflow failures due to Oracle Linux 7 removal of required temporary files

Developer Tools

Potential data corruption with Python SDK on binary upload


Currently, there are no known DNS issues.

Email Delivery

Unable to access SMTP credentials for older federated tenancies
Error occurs when attempting to add a suppression from a compartment other than root


Currently, there are no known Events issues.

File Storage

Semaphore timeout error when creating a snapshot with the Windows command line
Unable to move file storage resources to a different compartment


Currently, there are no known Functions issues.

Health Checks

Currently, there are no known Health Checks issues.


Unable to set up new federations with Microsoft Active Directory
Deleted compartments continue to count against service limits

Load Balancing

Load Balancer displays "Unknown" on Console Backend Sets Health indicator


Currently, there are no known Marketplace issues.


Currently, there are no known Monitoring issues.


CPE Configuration Helper: Specifying the CPE vendor
RESOLVED: VPN Connect: US East (Ashburn) Support for NAT-T
VPN Connect: Incorrect data in several Monitoring charts
RESOLVED: VPN Connect: Issue with regional NAT-T availability and Libreswan
Issues with private access to Oracle Analytics Cloud through a service gateway for your on-premises network
Issues with access from Oracle services through a service gateway to your public instances
RESOLVED: Service gateway route rules and Console restriction
Issues with access to Oracle yum services through service gateway
RESOLVED: Existing instances in a subnet don't get updated list of DNS servers in DHCP options


Currently, there are no known Notifications issues.

Object Storage

Currently, there are no known Object Storage issues.

OS Management

Unable to apply all Windows updates categorized as Other to a managed instance group
Unable to manage AppStreams in Oracle Linux 8
Discrepancy in Windows updates displayed in Control Panel compared to the OS Management Console and API
Software sources can take several minutes to initially load in the Console
Unable to use the OS Management service with instances found in ManagedCompartmentForPaaS compartments


Registry API not available
Use Tenancy Namespace instead of Tenancy Name in image tags and Docker login credentials on or before September 30, 2019

Resource Manager

Error running drift detection

Storage Gateway

Exceptions to POSIX compliance
df command cannot report accurate size and capacity


Creating a tag default fails under specific conditions
Deleting a tag default fails when the tag is retired
Terraform  state drift with tag defaults and tags for secondary resources

Traffic Management Steering Policies

Currently, there are no known Traffic Management Steering Policies issues.


Currently, there are no known Vault service issues.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Global DNS change will cause service disruption if new subnets are not whitelisted