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Details of the Always Free Resources

This topic provides reference information on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's Always Free resources.


All tenancies get two Always Free Compute virtual machine (VM) instances.

You must create the Always Free Compute instances in your home region.

Details of the Always Free Compute instance


All tenancies get two Always Free Oracle Autonomous Databases. The Autonomous Databases use shared Exadata infrastructure (meaning Oracle handles the database infrastructure provisioning and maintenance). For current regional availability, see the "Always Free Cloud Services" section of Data Regions for Platform and Infrastructure Services.

Details of the Always Free Oracle Autonomous Database instance

Load Balancing

All tenancies get one Always Free 10 Mbps load balancer.

Details of the Always Free load balancer

Block Volume

All tenancies receive a total of 100 GB of Always Free Block Volume storage, and five volume backups. These amounts apply to both boot volumes and block volumes combined. When you provision a Compute instance, the instance automatically receives a 50 GB boot volume for storage. You can also create and attach block volumes to expand the storage capacity of a Compute instance. For more information, see Creating a Volume and Attaching a Volume.

Details of the Always Free Block Volume resources

Object Storage

All tenancies get a total of 20 GiB (gibibytes) of Always Free Object Storage.

Details of the Always Free Object Storage resources