Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Signing In to the Console

This topic describes how to sign in to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console.

Supported Browsers

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supports the latest desktop versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Safari, Firefox, and Firefox ESR. Note that private browsing mode is not supported for Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Edge. Mobile browsers are not supported.

Before You Begin

To sign in to the Console, you need:

  • User name and password
  • URL for the Console

When your tenancy is provisioned, Oracle sends an email to the default administrator at your company with the sign-in credentials and URL for the Console. This administrator can then create a user for each person who needs access to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Check your email or contact your administrator for your credentials and the Console URL.

About the Console URL

When you sign up to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you receive a customized URL for your organization. For example,

If you instead use the base URL (, you are prompted to specify your tenant (for example, CompanyABC) on the sign-in page, along with your user name and password.

Signing In for the First Time

How you sign in depends on whether your tenancy is federated with another identity provider. By default, your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy is federated with Oracle Identity Cloud Service. Federated tenancies use the Single Sign-On option.


How do I know if my tenancy is federated?
Signing in through Single Sign-On
Signing in through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

After you sign in, the Console Home page is displayed.

Which Services Can I Use?

Which services you can use depends on the following:

  • The service limits set for your tenancy.

    When your tenancy is provisioned, Oracle sets initial service limits for resources. These limits are established with your Oracle sales representative when you purchase Oracle Cloud Infrastructure; or, if you signed up through the Oracle Store, a set of default service limits are applied. See Service Limits for a list of the limits.

  • The permissions you are granted by your administrator.

    Which services you can access depends on which A collection of users who all need a particular type of access to a set of resources or compartment. you belong to and what permissions your groups have been granted. Groups are granted permissions through policies. If you are unsure what services you have permissions to use, ask your administrator. If you are the default administrator for your tenancy, you have access to all services your company purchased.

Next Steps

Get to know the Console. See Using the Console.

Follow guided tutorials to launch your first instance, add users, or put data into object storage.

Begin setting up your tenancy for other users. See Setting Up Your Tenancy.