Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Overview of the Always Free Autonomous Database

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's Always Free Autonomous Database is part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's Free Tier of services. You can provision up to two Always Free Autonomous Databases in the home region of your tenancy. These databases are provided free of charge, and they are available to users of both free and paid accounts. You can use these Autonomous Databases for small-scale applications, for development or testing purposes, or for learning about and exploring Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Always Free Autonomous Database Specifications

  • Processor: 1 Oracle CPU processor (cannot be scaled)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Database Storage: 20 GB storage (cannot be scaled)
  • Workload Type: Your choice of either the transaction processing or data warehouse workload type

    • The Autonomous Transaction Processing workload type configures the database for a transactional workload, with a bias towards high volumes of random data access.

      For a complete product overview of Autonomous Transaction Processing, see Autonomous Transaction Processing. For Autonomous Transaction Processing tutorials, see Quick Start tutorials.

    • The Autonomous Data Warehouse workload type configures the database for a decision support or data warehouse workload, with a bias towards large data scanning operations.

      For a complete product overview of Autonomous Data Warehouse, see Autonomous Data Warehouse. For Autonomous Data Warehouse tutorials, see Quick Start tutorials.

  • Deployment Type: Serverless deployment.
  • Maximum Simultaneous Database Sessions: 20

Always Free Autonomous Databases can be upgraded to regular paid instances after provisioning in order to access all Autonomous Database features.

For free accounts, you will need to upgrade your account before upgrading an Always Free Autonomous Database to a paid instance.

Lifecycle for Always Free Autonomous Databases

After provisioning, you can continue using your Always Free Autonomous Database for as long as you want at no charge. You can terminate the database at any time.

If your Always Free Autonomous Database has no activity for a period of 7 consecutive days, the Database service will stop the database automatically. If this happens, you are allowed to restart the database and continue using it. If your Always Free Autonomous Database remains in a stopped state for 3 consecutive months, the resource will be reclaimed by the Database service.