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Installing and Running Oracle Ksplice

Oracle Ksplice enables you to apply important security and other critical kernel updates without a reboot. For more information, see About Oracle Ksplice and Ksplice Overview.

This topic describes how to install and configure Ksplice. Ksplice is only available for Oracle Linux instances launched on or after February 15, 2017. It is installed on instances launched on or after August 25, 2017, so you just need to run it on these instances to install the available Ksplice patches. For instances launched prior to August 25, 2017, you must install it prior to running it.

Installing Ksplice on instances launched prior to August 25 2017
Running Ksplice

Automatic Updates

You can configure automatic updates by setting the value of autoinstall to yes in /etc/uptrack/uptrack.conf.


OS Security Updates for Oracle Linux images

Oracle Linux images are updated regularly with the necessary patches, but after you launch an instance using these images, you are responsible for applying the required OS security updates published through the Oracle public Yum server. For more information, see Installing and Using the Yum Security Plugin.