Managing Stream Pools

This topic describes how to work with stream pools.

Required IAM Policy

To use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you must be given the required type of access in a policy  written by an administrator, whether you're using the Console or the REST API with an SDK, CLI, or other tool. If you try to perform an action and get a message that you don’t have permission or are unauthorized, confirm with your administrator the type of access you've been granted and which compartment  you should work in.

For administrators: The policy in Let streaming users manage streams lets the specified group do everything with streaming and related Streaming service resources.

To set up and use a stream archiver, you must have read access to the stream and write access to the Object Storage. For example:

allow service stream-processing to use stream-pull in tenancy
allow service stream-processing to manage objects in tenancy

To set up a private endpoint, you must have access to a VCN with a private subnet where DNS resolution is enabled. For general information about policies and permissions to do this, see IAM Policies for Networking. Specifically, you need use permissions for a VNIC, a network security group, if you specify one, and a subnet. For example:

allow user group ServiceWriters to use vnics in compartment ABC
allow user group ServiceWriters to use network-security-groups in compartment ABC
allow user group ServiceWriters to use subnets in compartment XYZ

To use your own encryption key, you must let the Streaming service use a Vault key to encrypt data in streams in this stream pool. For example:

allow service streaming to use keys in compartment ABC where = '<key_OCID>'

The preceding policy also requires a companion policy to let Streaming use a key on behalf of a user group to create a stream pool that uses the key for cryptographic purposes. For example:

allow user group StreamWriters to use key-delegate in compartment ABC where = '<key_OCID>'

If you're new to policies, see Getting Started with Policies and Common Policies. If you want to dig deeper into writing policies for the Streaming service, see Details for the Streaming Service in the IAM policy reference.

Using the Console

To create a stream pool
To edit a stream pool
To delete a stream pool
To change or remove the master encryption key assigned to an existing stream pool
To move a stream pool to a different compartment

Using the API

For information about using the API and signing requests, see REST APIs and Security Credentials. For information about SDKs, see Software Development Kits and Command Line Interface.

Use these API operations to manage streams: