FastConnect: Colocation with Oracle

This topic is for customers who are colocated with Oracle in a FastConnect location. For a summary of the different ways to connect, see the connectivity models.

If you instead have a relationship with an Oracle partner, see FastConnect: With an Oracle Partner. Or if you have a relationship with a third-party provider, see FastConnect: With a Third-Party Provider.

For general information about FastConnect, see FastConnect.

Getting Started with FastConnect

The following flow chart shows the overall process of setting up FastConnect.


In general, this topic assumes that your router supports link aggregation (LAG) and you will set up a cross-connect group (a LAG) with at least one cross-connect in it. The following procedures and screenshots reflect that. However, if your router doesn't support link aggregation, you can instead set up a single non-LAG cross-connect (with no cross-connect group). The procedures in this topic are still generally applicable. Instead you work only with a single cross-connect and not one or more in a cross-connect group.

This flow chart shows the steps for getting started with FastConnect


Avoid entering confidential information when assigning descriptions, tags, or friendly names to your cloud resources through the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, API, or CLI.

Task 2: Set up a DRG (private peering only)
Task 3: Set up your cross-connect group and cross-connect
Task 4: Submit LOA and request cabling in the FastConnect location
Task 5: Check light levels
Task 6: Confirm that your interfaces are up
Task 7: Activate each cross-connect
Task 8: Set up your virtual circuit
Task 9: Configure your edge
Task 10: Ping the Oracle BGP IP address
Task 11: Confirm that the BGP session is established
Task 12: Test the connection

Managing Your Connection

To get the status of your connection
To add a new cross-connect to an existing cross-connect group
To edit a virtual circuit
To terminate a connection, or part of it
To manage public IP prefixes for a public virtual circuit
To move a connection to a different compartment

Monitoring Your Connection

You can monitor the health, capacity, and performance of your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources by using metrics, alarms, and notifications. For more information, see Monitoring Overview and Notifications Overview.

For information about monitoring your connection, see FastConnect Metrics.


See FastConnect Troubleshooting.