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Government Cloud with FedRAMP Authorization

This topic contains information specific to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Government Cloud with FedRAMP authorization.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Government Cloud has obtained the following authorizations:

  • FedRAMP Moderate
  • DISA Impact Level 2

For information about the Federal Government Cloud, see Federal Government Cloud with Impact Level 5 Authorization.


The region names and identifiers for the Government Cloud with FedRAMP authorization are shown in the following table:

Region Name Region Identifier Region Location Region Key Realm Key Availability Domains
US Gov East (Ashburn) us-langley-1 Ashburn, VA LFI OC2 1
US Gov West (Phoenix) us-luke-1 Phoenix, AZ LUF OC2 1

After your tenancy is created in one of these regions, you can subscribe to the other region. Tenancies in the FedRAMP-authorized regions cannot subscribe to the commercial regions, or to the Federal Government Cloud regions. For information about subscribing to a region, see Managing Regions.

Console Sign-in URLs

To sign in to the FedRAMP-authorized Government Cloud, enter one of the following URLs in a supported browser:


When you're logged in to the Console for one of the Government Cloud regions, the browser times out after 15 minutes of inactivity, and you need to sign in again to use the Console.

Government Cloud API Reference and Endpoints

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Government Cloud has these APIs and corresponding regional endpoints:

Core Services (covering Networking, Compute, and Block Volume)
Database API
Key Management API
Object Storage and Archive Storage APIs
Work Requests API (for Compute and Database work requests)

Services Not Supported in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Government Cloud

The following services are currently not available for tenancies in the Government Cloud:

Core Infrastructure services and features not available:

  • Compute service features:
    • Autoscaling
  • Data Transfer service
  • File Storage service

Database services not available:

  • Autonomous Data Warehouse
  • Autonomous Transaction Processing
  • Data Safe

Data and AI services not available:

  • Digital Assistant

Solutions and Platform services not available:

  • Analytics Cloud
  • Analytics for Applications
  • Container Engine for Kubernetes
  • Content and Experience
  • DNS Zone Management
  • Email Delivery
  • Events
  • Functions
  • Health Checks
  • Integration
  • Marketplace
  • Monitoring
  • Notifications
  • Registry
  • Resource Manager
  • Streaming
  • Traffic Management Steering Policies

Governance and Administration features not supported

  • Auto-federation with Oracle Identity Cloud Service
  • WAF service

Infrastructure Tools

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Terraform Provider

Integration with Oracle SaaS and PaaS services, including those listed here: Getting Started with Oracle Platform Services