Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Downloading a kubeconfig File to Enable Cluster Access

When you create a cluster, you need to download a Kubernetes configuration file (commonly known as a 'kubeconfig' file) for the cluster. The kubeconfig file (by default named config and stored in the $HOME/.kube directory) provides the necessary details to access the cluster using kubectl and the Kubernetes Dashboard.

You have to follow a number of steps to download the kubeconfig file. Having completed the steps, you can start using kubectl and the Kubernetes Dashboard to manage the cluster.

To download the kubeconfig file:

Step 1: Generate an API signing key pair
Step 2: Upload the public key of the API signing key pair
Step 3: Install and configure the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI
Step 4: Download the kubeconfig file
Step 5: Verify that kubectl is available


The kubeconfig file includes an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI command that dynamically inserts the necessary authentication credentials into a request when you run a kubectl command. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI must be available on your shell's executable path (for example, $PATH on Linux).

Note that to ensure security, you cannot share a kubeconfig file with other users.