Billing and Payment Tools Overview

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides various billing and payment tools that make it easy to manage your service costs.


Budgets can be used to set thresholds for your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure spending. You can set alerts on your budget to let you know when you might exceed your budget, and you can view all of your budgets and spending from one single place in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console.

See Budgets Overview for more information.

Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis provides easy-to-use visualization tools to help you track and optimize your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure spending. For more information, see Checking Your Balance and Usage.

Usage Reports

A usage report is a comma-separated value (CSV) file that can be used to get a detailed breakdown of resources in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for audit or invoice reconciliation.

For more information, see Cost and Usage Reports Overview.


You can view and download invoices for your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure usage. For more information, see Viewing Your Subscription Invoice.

Payment Methods

The Payment Method section of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console allows you to easily manage how you pay for your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure usage.

For more information, see Changing Your Payment Method.