Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

View Reports

All reports are listed on the Reports tab in Oracle Data Safe. You can also find links to the last generated report for target databases on the Security Assessment and User Assessment tabs.

To view a report:
  1. To access a report from the Reports tab, do the following:
    1. Click the Reports tab.
    2. In the table, expand a report type if needed.
    3. To open a report, click its name.
    4. To navigate up and down in a report, drag the scroll bar on the right.
  2. To access the last generated Security Assessment report or User Assessment report for a target database:
    1. Click the Security Assessment tab or the User Assessment tab.
    2. Scroll down to find your target database.
    3. In the Last Generated Report column, click View Report.
      The report opens on the Reports tab.
  3. (If available) To display summary totals at the top of the report, click Summary. To hide the totals, click Summary again.
  4. (If available) To set filters in a report, click Filters at the top of the report, select filter options, and click Apply. To add another filter, + Filter. To remove a filter, click X.
  5. (If available) To show more columns in a report, click the Select Columns icon (plus sign). In the Select Columns dialog box, select and deselect columns and click Apply.

Restricted-Use Licensing for Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (BI Publisher)

Oracle Data Safe includes a restricted-use license for Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher and is specifically used for generating and/or viewing the reports.