Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Upload a Sensitive Data Model

You can use the Data Discovery wizard to upload a file-based sensitive data model (SDM). The file must be in XML format. When importing, you select a target database against which to verify the SDM.

  1. To open the Data Discovery wizard, click the Home tab, and then click Data Discovery.
  2. Select the target database on which you want to verify the file-based SDM, and click Continue.
  3. On the Select Sensitive Data Model page, do the following:
    1. Select Upload.
    2. Enter a name for your SDM or leave the default name as is.
      The Data Discovery wizard creates an SDM in the Library under the name you provide.
    3. Click Choose File, select the XML file that contains your SDM, and then click Open.
    4. Click Continue.
      The wizard verifies the sensitive columns and schemas in the target database.
  4. Wait for the verification job to finish and then review the status and details. Click Continue.
  5. Review the differences, if any, between the target database and the imported SDM.
  6. Click Exit.