Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Upload a Masking Policy

You can use the Data Discovery wizard to upload a file-based masking policy (XML file).

To upload a masking policy:
  1. In the left pane, click Data Masking to launch the Data Masking wizard.
  2. On the Select Target for Data Masking page, select the target database that you want to mask, and click Continue.
    You can select only one target database.
    If your target database is not listed, click Register and follow the steps to register a target database.
    The Select Masking Policy page is displayed.
  3. For Masking Policy, select Upload (file includes an SDM) or Upload (separate files for Masking Policy and SDM).
  4. Click Choose File for the masking policy and SDM (if needed), select the necessary XML files, and click Open.
  5. Leave the default masking policy and SDM names as they are, or enter new names.
    These names are displayed in the Library.
  6. Select the resource group to which you want the new masking policy and SDM to belong.
  7. Click Continue.
    The masking policy and SDM are uploaded into the library and the SDM is verified against the selected target database. The Data Model Verification Result page is displayed.
  8. Review the differences between the SDM and the target database that you selected, and then click Continue.
  9. Deselect sensitive columns that you do not want to include in the SDM, and then click Report.
  10. Review the report, and then click Continue.
    The Masking Policy page is displayed.
  11. Click Exit.
  12. To verify that your masking policy is available in the Library, do the following:
    1. Click the Library tab.
    2. Click Masking Policies.
      A list of masking policies to which you have access is displayed.
    3. Verify that your masking policy is listed.