Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Update a User-Defined Masking Format

To update a user-defined masking format:
  1. Click the Library tab.
    The Library page is displayed.
  2. Click Masking Formats.
    The Masking Formats page is displayed.
  3. (Optional) Move the Hide Oracle Predefined slider to the right to view only user-defined masking formats.
  4. Click the user-defined masking format that you want to update.
    The Update Masking Format dialog box is displayed.
  5. (Optional) Update the name and description of the masking format.
  6. To edit the rules for the masking format, move the Expand All slider to the right.
  7. (Optional) Click Add Rule to add a rule to the masking format.
    1. To add a masking condition, click Add Condition and provide the inputs for the condition you want to specify. You can also add a string to your condition by clicking Add String Condition.
    2. To add a masking format, click Add Format, and select a masking format from the predefined masking formats drop-down list and specify the required inputs.
  8. Click Update.