Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Update Audit Policies

If you need to change the type of audit data that you are collecting for a target database, you can update your audit policy with the Activity Auditing wizard. While working in the wizard, be sure to retrieve the latest list of audit policies available on a target database before you update the audit policy.

To update audit policies on a target database:
  1. Retrieve the latest list of available audit policies on the target database:
    1. Click the Home tab.
    2. On the left, click Activity Auditing.
      The Select Targets for Auditing page is displayed.
    3. Select the check box for the target database on which you want to modify the audit and alert policies, and click Continue.
      The Retrieve Audit Policies page is displayed.
    4. Select the check box for the target database, and click Retrieve.
    5. Wait for the green check mark to be displayed in the Retrieval Status column.
    6. Click Continue.
  2. Provision the audit policy on the target database.
    1. Click the target database name.
      The Edit Policies dialog box is displayed.
    2. On the Audit Policies tab, modify the selection of audit categories and policies, and click Provision.
  3. (Optional) Modify the selected audit categories and policies from the Targets tab.