Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Truncate Data


The Truncate Data masking format drops all the rows in a table. If one of the columns in a table is masked using Truncate Data, the entire table is truncated, so no other masking format can be used for any of the other columns in that table. If a table is being truncated, it cannot be referred to by a foreign key constraint or a dependent column.


  • No inputs are required.

Supported Data Types

  • Character
  • Numeric
  • Date


  • Combinable: No
  • Deterministic: Does not apply
  • Reversible: Does not apply
  • Uniqueness: Does not apply


Suppose that you want to mask ten tables in a database schema. In one of the tables, all the columns contain highly sensitive data, and therefore, you do not want to share this table. You can use the Truncate Data masking format to drop all the rows in this table.