Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Sensitive Types

A sensitive type is used to drive sensitive data discovery. It defines regular expressions that help search for data based on column names, data, and comments. Data Discovery searches for sensitive columns in your Oracle databases using the sensitive types that you choose.

You can choose from a wide variety of predefined sensitive types and create your own sensitive types. For example, the predefined US Social Security Number (SSN) sensitive type helps you discover columns containing Social Security numbers. You cannot modify or delete predefined sensitive types.

Sensitive types are grouped into sensitive categories. When you create your own sensitive types, you create sensitive categories for them. The top level categories for predefined sensitive types are as follows:

  • Identification Information: Includes sensitive types for national, personal, and public identifiers. Examples are US Social Security Number (SSN), Visa Number, and Full Name.
  • Biographic Information: Includes sensitive types for address, family data, extended PII, and restricted processing data. Examples are Full Address, Mother's Maiden Name, Date of Birth, and Religion.
  • IT Information: Includes sensitive types for user IT data and device data. Examples are User ID, password, and IP Address.
  • Financial Information: Includes sensitive types for payment card data and bank account data. Examples are Card Number, Card Security PIN, and Bank Account Number.
  • Healthcare Information: Includes sensitive types for health insurance data, healthcare provider data, and medical data. Examples include Health Insurance Number, Healthcare Provider, and Blood Type.
  • Employment Information: Includes sensitive types for employee basic data, organization data, and compensation data. Examples are Job Title, Termination Date, Income, and Stock.
  • Academic Information: Includes sensitive types for student basic data, institution data, and performance data. Examples are Financial Aid, College Name, Grade, and Disciplinary Record.

Data Discovery does not discover sensitive columns that are object data types.