Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Create a Masking Format

You can create your own masking format for a sensitive column. You can create a masking format from the Library or while you are defining a masking policy in the Data Masking wizard. If you add a masking format to the Library, you can select it when you define a masking policy.

To create a masking format:
  1. Click the Library tab.
    The Library page is displayed.
  2. Click Masking Formats.
    The Masking Formats page is displayed.
  3. Click Add.
    The Create Masking Format dialog box is displayed.
  4. Specify the details for the masking format.
    1. If you want to create a masking format based on an existing masking format, select a predefined masking format from the Create Like drop-down list.

      Selecting a predefined masking format automatically populates the fields. If needed, you can edit the fields.

    2. If you would like to create a masking format from scratch, specify a masking format name and description.
    3. Select the resource group to which you want your masking format to belong.
  5. Configure the masking formats.

    You cannot create conditions here. You can create conditions when you modify a masking format in the Data Masking wizard.
    1. From the drop-down list, select a masking format and configure its parameters.
    2. To add another masking format, click Add Format and configure its parameters. The results of the masking formats are concatenated together.
    3. To delete a masking format, click Delete Format.
  6. Click Save.
    Your new masking format is now displayed on the Masking Formats page. You can select your masking format whenever you create a data masking job.