Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Create Alert Reports

You can modify the presentation of the original alert report and save it as a new alert report.

To create an alert report:
  1. Click the Alerts tab.
  2. Customize the All Alerts reports as needed, for example, by adding filters and selecting columns to display.
  3. Save your report:
    1. From the Report Definition drop-down menu, select Save As New.
    2. In the Save As dialog box, enter a report name and description (optional), select a resource group name, and click Save As.
    The report is listed on the left side of the page under Custom Reports.
  4. To save changes to your alert report, from the Report Definition menu, select Save.
  5. To delete an alert report:
    1. On the left, click your alert report.
    2. From the Report Definition menu, select Delete.
      The Delete Report dialog box is displayed.
    3. Click OK to confirm the deletion or click Cancel.