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Audit Trails

An audit trail is a table in a database that stores audit data. A widely used audit trail is the AUDSYS.UNIFIED_AUDIT_TRAIL data dictionary view, which consolidates all Oracle Database audit trails into one location and in a unified format. You can configure audit trails in Oracle Data Safe. In most cases, you configure only one audit trail per database.

When audit data collection is enabled, Oracle Data Safe copies the audit data from the database's audit trail into the Oracle Data Safe audit table. Over time an audit trail can become quite large, therefore, you may want to consider the auto purge feature in Oracle Data Safe. You can start and stop audit collection as needed.

Cloud Database Service Database Versions Supported Audit Trail Locations
  • Bare Metal DB system
  • Virtual Machine DB system

Standard Edition is not supported.




DVSYS.AUDIT_TRAIL$ (when Database Vault is enabled)


  • Autonomous Data Warehouse (serverless)
  • Autonomous Transaction Processing (serverless)

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