Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Add an Audit Trail

For each target database that you want to collect audit records, you need to add at least one audit trail to Oracle Data Safe. You can add audit trails from the Audit Trails page or while you are working in the Activity Auditing wizard.

To add an audit trail for a target database from the Audit Trails page:
  1. Click the Targets tab.
  2. On the left, click Audit Trails.
  3. Click Add.
    The Add Trail dialog box is displayed. By default, Trail Type is set to TABLE.
  4. Select a target database.
  5. Select one or more audit trail location check boxes; for example, UNIFIED_AUDIT_TRAIL, SYS.FGA_LOG$, SYS.AUD$, or DVSYS.AUDIT_TRAIL$.
  6. To enable or disable auto purge for the selected target database, move the Auto Purge Trail slider to the right (ON) or left (OFF).
  7. Click Register.
    When the registration is completed, the audit trail is listed in the table on the Audit Trails page and a message “Successfully created the trail.” is displayed at the top of the page.