Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Creating a Repository

Using the Console, you can create an empty repository in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry and give it a name. Any images you subsequently push to the registry that include the repository in the image name are grouped into that repository.

Having created the new repository, you can push an image to the repository using the Docker CLI (see Pushing Images Using the Docker CLI).

Note that although creating an empty repository can be a convenient placeholder, it is not strictly necessary. If you push an image that includes a repository in the image name and the repository doesn't already exist (for example,, a new repository is created automatically. And if you push an image that doesn't include a repository in the image name (for example,, the image's name (acme-web-app) is used as the name of the repository.

Using the Console

To create a repository in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Registry:

  1. In the Console, open the navigation menu. Under Solutions, Platform and Edge, go to Developer Services and click Registry.
  2. Choose the region in which to create the repository.
  3. Click Create Repository.
  4. In the Add Repository dialog box, specify details for the new repository:

    • Repository Name: A name of your choice for the new repository. Avoid entering confidential information.
    • Public: Whether the new repository will be a public repository or a private repository. You can only make the new repository public if you belong to the tenancy's Administrators group or have been granted the REPOSITORY_MANAGE permission. If you make the new repository public, any user with internet access and knowledge of the appropriate URL will be able to pull images from the repository. If you make the repository private, you (along with users belonging to the tenancy's Administrators group) will be able to perform any operation on the repository.
  5. Click Submit.