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OCI Market Performance

OCI Market Performance provides users with insight into performance from cloud region vantage points to global markets and the top providers within those markets. OCI Market Performance allows users to select a single vantage point or to select multiple vantage points to compare performance in a market.

Using the Console

To view performance from cloud region vantage points to market cities

  1. Open the navigation menu. Under Solutions, Platform and Edge, go to Edge Services and click Internet Intelligence.
  2. Click Explore Performance.

    A map showing latency to key markets appears with your default cloud region vantage point selected. Each colored dot represents aggregated latency measurements from the vantage point. The latencies are grouped into several ranges to help you match the latency requirements of your hosted service. Use the legend at the bottom of the map to decipher the latency ranges between the colored dots.

To identify performance to a market

Select one or more vantage points from the Cloud Region Vantage Points list and select one or more markets from the Market list. The map is updated to show aggregated performance data to the selected market, colored by latency.

To view performance to the top-ranked providers in the market

Click on a market city on the map. The market city details window appears. To see latencies to each of the top-ranked providers in detail, click + to expand the window.

Filtering the Displayed Measurements

Filters include:

  • Time Range - To view cloud region data for a specific time range, select an option from the Time Range drop-down list. Days are defined as 12:00:00 AM to 11:59:59 PM UTC. Options include:
    • 1d – Displays data from the previous day.
    • 7d – (Default) Displays data from the last seven days.
    • 1m – Displays data from the last 30 days.
    • 3m – Displays data from the last 90 days.
  • Cloud Region Vantage Points - To view performance from one or more vantage points, select a Cloud Region Vantage Point from the drop-down list.
  • Market(s) - To view performance to one or more markets, select a Market from the drop-down list.
  • Latency Bands – To remove a latency band from the map, uncheck an item in the Latency Bands filter to remove that category from the map. Check an unchecked item to return that information to the map. All categories are shown by default.

Using the API

For information about using the API and signing requests, see REST APIs and Security Credentials. For information about SDKs, see Software Development Kits and Command Line Interface.

Use the following operations to gain insight into market performance: