Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Overview of the Internet Intelligence Service

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Internet Intelligence provides internet analytics capabilities with OCI Market Performance and IP Troubleshooting tools. These features give you insight into the performance of cloud region vantage points to markets and providers around the globe, for both long-term strategy and operational troubleshooting.

OCI Market Performance

OCI Market Performance provides interactive visualization tools showing performance metrics to key global market cities and providers from each cloud region vantage point. The OCI Market Performance page includes aggregated data views for the previous day, seven days, one month, and three months. This data is based on latency measurements and performance across the public internet. The data does not contain any information specific to a customer.

IP Troubleshooting

IP Troubleshooting provides network reachability tools that utilize external global vantage points to help users quickly assess the availability and performance of any externally facing endpoints. IP Troubleshooting enables operations and support teams the ability to diagnose performance and availability issues for any endpoint IP address on the internet.

Ways to Access Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

You can access Oracle Cloud Infrastructure using the Console (a browser-based interface) or the REST API. Instructions for the Console are included in topics throughout this guide.

To access the Console, you must use a supported browser. You can use the Console link at the top of this page to go to the sign-in page. Enter your tenancy, user name, and your password.

Internet Intelligence Service Components

vantage point
Software deployed into a cloud region and availability domain that measures latency and connectivity to markets and providers, globally.
A diagnostic tool for displaying the route (path) and measuring transit delays of a packet sent across the internet. Traceroutes provide round-trip times (RTT) to each hop taken on the path to the target IP address.
A Network Service Provider (NSP) or Internet service Provider (ISP) that provides commercial internet access to other organizations.
A key global region of commerce that can be identified as a geographic city. Within markets, Internet Intelligence identifies the main providers delivering internet connectivity.
Autonomous System Number. ASNs are a collection of IP routing prefixes under the control of one or more network operators on behalf of a single administrative entity or domain that presents a common, clearly defined routing policy to the internet.
ip address
The numerical label assigned to each device connected to a computer network. Using the IP Troubleshooting service, you can check the connectivity of public addresses from Oracle Cloud Infrastructure vantage points around the world.

Authentication and Authorization

Each service in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure integrates with IAM for authentication and authorization, for all interfaces (the Console, SDK or CLI, and REST API).

An administrator in your organization needs to set up A collection of users who all need a particular type of access to a set of resources or compartment., A collection of related resources that can be accessed only by certain groups that have been given permission by an administrator in your organization., and An IAM document that specifies who has what type of access to your resources. It is used in different ways: to mean an individual statement written in the policy language; to mean a collection of statements in a single, named "policy" document (which has an Oracle Cloud ID (OCID) assigned to it); and to mean the overall body of policies your organization uses to control access to resources. that control which users can access which services, which resources, and the type of access. For example, the policies control who can create new users, create and manage the cloud network, launch instances, create buckets, download objects, etc. For more information, see Getting Started with Policies. For specific details about writing policies for each of the different services, see Policy Reference.

If you’re a regular user (not an administrator) who needs to use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources that your company owns, contact your administrator to set up a user ID for you. The administrator can confirm which compartment or compartments you should be using.

Internet Intelligence Service Capabilities and Limits

Each tenant is limited to 1000 market performance queries per day and 200 troubleshooting queries per day via the REST API.