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Service Limits

This topic describes the service limits for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and the process for requesting a service limit increase.

About Service Limits and Usage

When you sign up for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, a set of service limits are configured for your tenancy. The service limit is the quota or allowance set on a resource. For example, your tenancy is allowed a maximum number of compute instances per availability domain. These limits are generally established with your Oracle sales representative when you purchase Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. If you did not establish limits with your Oracle sales representative, or, if you signed up through the Oracle Store, default or trial limits are set for your tenancy. You can request to have a service limit raised.

You can view your tenancy's limits and usage by region in the Console. Be aware that:

  • The Console may not yet display limits and usage information for all of the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure services or resources.
  • The usage level listed for a given resource type could be greater than the limit if the limit was reduced after the resources were created.
  • If all the resource limits are listed as 0, this means your account has been suspended. For help, contact Oracle Support.

If you don't yet have a tenancy or a user login for the Console, or if you don't find a particular limit listed in the Console, see Limits by Service for the default tenancy limits.

To view your tenancy's limits and usage (by region)

When You Reach a Service Limit

When you reach the service limit for a resource, you receive an error when you try to create a new resource of that type. You cannot create a new resource until you are granted an increase to your service limit or you terminate an existing resource. Note that service limits apply to a specific scope, and when the service limit in one scope is reached you may still have resources available to you in other scopes (for example, other availability domains).

Requesting a Service Limit Increase

You can use My Oracle Support to file a service request to increase a service limit for your tenancy. Please note that the service limit request is not immediate and can take a couple of days to become effective.

To request a service limit increase

Limits by Service

Click a service name to view the default limits. Note the scope that each limit applies to (for example, per availability domain, per region, per tenant, etc.).

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