Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Configure SMTP Connection

Set up and test your SMTP connection using an SMTP library or product, such as Postfix or Sendmail, to send email through Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery.

To access SMTP sending information to configure the connection in your system, open the navigation menu. Under Solutions and Platform, go to Email Delivery and click Email Configuration. The following information is displayed:

  • Manage SMTP Credentials: Access your user credentials. Use the SMTP user credentials (in plain text) when validating your connection.
  • Server Name: The Email Delivery service hostname.
  • Port: Email Delivery supports TLS on port 25 or 587.
  • Use Transport Layer Security (TLS): This field indicates if TLS, the standard means of performing encryption in transit for email, is being used. Customers must encrypt email while it is in transit to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery service. Encrypted emails are protected from being read during transit.
  • Important

    Java applications (including JavaMail) must be updated to the latest version to ensure the latest protocols, ciphers, and security patches are in compliance with Oracle's supported security policies and ciphers.

SMTP Connection Endpoints

Use the following regional endpoints for establishing SMTP connections for sending.

  • PHX:
  • IAD:
  • LHR:

TLS Requirements

Oracle maintains strict security policies and only accepts email traffic using Transport Layer Security (TLS). Use of TLS 1.2 is mandatory to send email using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

The approved TLS 1.2 ciphers are: