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Patching an Exadata DB System

This topic explains how to use the exadbcpatchmulti utility to perform patching operations for Oracle Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database on an Exadata DB system. The exadbcpatchmulti utility is located in /var/opt/oracle/exapatch on every compute node. The utility requires root administration privileges.


You must update the cloud specific tooling on all the compute nodes in your Exadata DB system before performing the following procedures. For more information, see Updating an Exadata DB System.


  • Patches are stored in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage service, so the Exadata DB system requires access to the object store. For more information, see Configuring a Static Route for Accessing the Object Store. Either the client subnet or the backup subnet can be configured to access the object store.

  • The DB system's cloud network (VCN) must be configured with either a service gateway or an internet gateway. For information about service gateways, see Access to Object Storage: Service Gateway.


    • With an internet gateway, network traffic between the system and Object Storage does not leave the cloud and never reaches the public internet. For more information, see Internet Gateway.
    • See Known Issues for information about OS updates when using a service gateway.

    If you use an internet gateway instead of a service gateway, add a route rule with the internet gateway as the target and the destination CIDR block as the IP range listed under Object Storage IP Allocations. For more information, see Route Tables.

    Oracle recommends that you update the backup subnet's security list to disallow any access from outside the subnet and allow egress traffic for TCP port 443 (https) on the IP ranges listed under Object Storage IP Allocations. For more information, see Security Lists.

    Object Storage IP Allocations

Managing Patches

To list available patches
To check prerequisites before applying a patch
To apply a patch
To list applied patches
To roll back a patch