Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Managing Exadata DB System Software Images

You can control the version of Oracle binaries that is installed when you provision a new database on an Exadata DB system by maintaining the software images on the system. Oracle provides a library of cloud software images that you can view and download onto your Exadata DB system by using the dbaascli utility.

When you create a new Exadata DB system database with a new Oracle Home (Database Home) directory location, the Oracle Database binaries are sourced from a software image that is stored on your Exadata DB system. Over time, the software images on your Exadata DB system become outdated if they are not maintained. Using an outdated software image makes it necessary for you to apply patches to newly installed binaries to bring them up to date. Oracle recommends that you maintain your Exadata DB system environment with up-to-date software images to avoid this extra patching step which can be time-consuming and error prone.

Viewing Information About Available Software Images

You can view information about Oracle Database software images that are available to download to your Exadata DB system by using the cswlib list subcommand of the dbaascli utility.

To view information about available software images

Downloading Software Images

You can download available software images onto your Exadata DB system by using the cswlib download subcommand of the dbaascli utility.

To downloaded a software image