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Overview of Autonomous Data Warehouse

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's Autonomous Data Warehouse gives you your own fully managed Oracle Database data warehousing environment. The Database service handles administration tasks such as creating the data warehouse database, backing up the database, and upgrading and patching the database. Additionally, Autonomous Data Warehouse does not require any tuning. The service automatically configures the database for high-performance queries.

You use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console to provision an Autonomous Data Warehouse database. After provisioning, you can scale the number of CPU cores or the storage capacity of the database at any time without impacting availability or performance.

The following cloud-based interfaces are included with Autonomous Data Warehouse:

  • A separate service console that allows you to perform monitoring tasks such as viewing the recent levels of activity on the data warehouse.
  • A notebook application that provides simple querying, data-virtualization, and collaboration capabilities.

For more information about Autonomous Data Warehouse, see Getting Started with Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.


Autonomous Data Warehouse is currently available in the following regions:

Region Name Region Location Region Key
ca-toronto-1 Canada: Toronto YYZ
eu-frankfurt-1 Europe: Frankfurt, Germany FRA
uk-london-1 United Kingdom: London LHR
us-ashburn-1 United States: Ashburn, VA IAD
us-phoenix-1 United States: Phoenix, AZ PHX

Additional Product Information

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