Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Shipping the Appliance

Ship phase indicator for appliance transfer

This topic describes the tasks associated with shipping the transfer appliance containing the copied data to Oracle. The Infrastructure Engineer role typically performs these tasks. See Roles and Responsibilities.


You can only run Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI commands from a Linux host. This differs from running CLI commands for other Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Services on a variety of host operating systems. Appliance-based commands require validation that is only available on Linux hosts.

Shutting Down the Transfer Appliance

Shut down the appliance before packing up and shipping the appliance back to Oracle.

To shut down the appliance

Packing and Shipping Transfer Appliance to Oracle

Return the appliance to Oracle within 30 days. If you need the transfer appliance beyond the standard 30-day window, you can file a Service Request (SR) to ask for an extension of up to 60 days.


Review and follow the instructions that were provided in the transit case with the appliance.

To pack and ship the appliance

What's Next

Now you can track your return transfer appliance shipment to Oracle and review post transfer logs and summaries. See Monitoring the Appliance Return.