Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Resource Groups

A resource group is a logical container object in Oracle Data Safe that you can create to organize and control access to one or more Oracle Data Safe resources. For example, you can add multiple target databases to a resource group and then grant a user group access to the resource group, rather than to each target database.

A resource group can contain the following resources:

  • Target databases
  • Sensitive data models (SDMs)
  • User-defined sensitive types
  • User-defined masking formats
  • Masking policies
  • Audit policies
  • Audit trails
  • Custom reports

Oracle Data Safe resources are specific to a region in your tenancy. For example, suppose you signed in to Oracle Data Safe in the Phoenix region (us-phoenix-1) of your tenancy and created a sensitive data model. If you sign in to Oracle Data Safe in the Frankfurt region (eu-frankfurt-1), your sensitive data model is not available. A registered target database in Oracle Data Safe is also region-specific, however, the database itself does not need to be located in the same region as Oracle Data Safe.

The Default Resource Group is available to all user groups for convenience. You do not use the Oracle Built-in and Oracle Privileged resource groups. You cannot delete a resource group, nor can you reassign an item to a different resource group.