Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation

Downloading a kubeconfig File to Enable Cluster Access

When you create a cluster, you need to download a Kubernetes configuration file (commonly known as a 'kubeconfig' file) for the cluster. The kubeconfig file (by default named config and stored in the $HOME/.kube directory) provides the necessary details to access the cluster using kubectl and the Kubernetes Dashboard.

You have to follow a number of steps to download the kubeconfig file. Having completed the steps, you can start using kubectl and the Kubernetes Dashboard to manage the cluster.

To download the kubeconfig file:

Step 1: Generate an API signing key pair
Step 2: Upload the public key of the API signing key pair
Step 3: Install and configure the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure CLI
Step 4: Download the kubeconfig file
Step 5: Verify that kubectl is available


The kubeconfig file contains credentials to access the cluster, including a hashed version of the private key component of your API signing key pair. The kubeconfig file is therefore specific to you, and is valid for as long as your API signing key pair is valid. Best practice is not to share the kubeconfig file with other users. If you do share the kubeconfig file with other users, be aware that those users will be able to access all the clusters to which you have access in the tenancy.