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Extending the Partition for a Block Volume

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volume service lets you expand the size of block volumes with offline volume resizing. For more information, see Resizing a Volume. In order to take advantage of the larger volume size, you need to extend the partition for the block volume.


After a volume has been resized, the first backup on the resized volume will be a full backup. See Volume Backup Types for more information about full versus incremental volume backups.

Required IAM Policy

Extending a partition on an instance does not require a specific IAM policy. However, you may need permission to run the necessary commands on the instance's guest OS. Contact your system administrator for more information.

Extending a Partition on a Linux-Based Image

On Linux-based images, use the following steps to extend the partition for a block volume.


After you have resized a volume, you need to attach it to an instance before you can extend the partition and grow the file system. See Attaching a Volume and Connecting to a Volume for more information.

Extending the Linux Partition

Extending a partition

After you extend the root partition you need to grow the file system. The steps in the following procedure apply only to xfs file systems.

Growing the file system for a partition

Extending a Partition on a Windows-Based Image

On Windows-based images, you can extend a partition using the Windows interface or from the command line using the DISKPART utility.

Windows Server 2016 and Windows Server 2012

The steps to extend a partition for a block volume attached to an instance running Windows 2012 or Windows 2016 are the same, and are described in the following procedures.

Extending a partition using the Windows interface
Extending a partition using the command line with DISKPART