Self-service password recovery

  • Services: IAM
  • Release Date: March 12, 2019
  • API Versions Affected: 20160918

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure local users can now add an email address to their user profile. This email address can be used for self-service password recovery if the the user forgets their password. Administrators can add the email address when they create a user or add it to the user profile later. Also, each user can manage their own email address on the User Settings page.

When the email address is included, if the user forgets their password, they can use the Forgot Password link on the sign-on page to have a temporary password automatically sent to them, without the intervention of an administrator.

Note that each email address must be unique in the tenancy. Multiple users cannot have the same email address. For more information, see Working with Users.

API Update: This feature release also updates the User object with the new attribute: email. See User Reference.