Key Features

Learn the key features of Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service.

  • Fully Managed with Zero Administration: Developers do not need to administer data servers or the underlying infrastructure and security. Oracle maintains the hardware and software which allows developers to focus on building applications.

  • Faster Development Life Cycle: After purchasing access to the service, developers write their applications, and then connect to the service using their credentials. Reading and writing data can begin immediately. Oracle performs Database Management, Storage Management, High Availability, and Scalability which helps developers concentrate on delivering high-performance applications.

  • High Performance and Predictability: Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service takes advantage of the latest component technologies in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by providing high performance at scale. Developers know that their applications return data with predictable latencies, even as their throughput and storage requirements increase.

  • On-Demand Throughput and Storage Provisioning: Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service scales to meet application throughput performance requirements with low and predictable latency. As workloads increase with periodic business fluctuations, applications can increase their provisioned throughput to maintain a consistent user experience. As workloads decrease, the same applications can reduce their provisioned throughput, resulting in lower operating expenses.

  • Simple APIs: Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service provides easy-to-use CRUD (Create Read Update Delete) APIs that allow developers to easily create tables and maintain data in them.

  • Data Modeling: Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service supports both schema-based and schema-less (JSON) modeling.

  • Data Safety in Redundancy: The Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service stores data across multiple Availability Domains (ADs) or Fault Domains (FDs) in single AD regions. If an AD or FD becomes unavailable, user data is still accessible from another AD or FD.

  • Data Security: Data is encrypted at rest (on disk) with Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256). Data is encrypted in motion (transferring data between the application and Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service) with HTTPS.

  • ACID-Compliant Transactions: ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) transactions are fully supported for the data you store in Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service. If required, consistency can be relaxed in favor of lower latency.

  • JSON Data Support: Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service allows developers to query schema-less JSON data by using the familiar SQL syntax.

  • Partial JSON Updates: Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service allows developers to update (change, add, and remove) parts of a JSON document. Because these updates occur on the server, the need for a read-modify-write cycle is eliminated, which would consume throughput capacity.

  • Time-To-Live: Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service lets developers set a time frame on table rows, after which the rows expire automatically, and are no longer available. This feature is a critical requirement when capturing sensor data for Internet Of Things (IoT) services.

  • SQL Queries: Oracle NoSQL Database Cloud Service lets developers access data with SQL queries.

  • Secondary Indexes: Secondary indexes allow a developer to create an index on any field of a supported data type, thus improving performance over multiple paths for queries using the index.