Understanding Administrator Responsibilities

This guide is directed to administrators provisioning, creating, and configuring Oracle Integration instances and identities on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Provisioning and administering Oracle Integration typically involves the following responsibilities. Note that these tasks could be done by the same person (the account owner) or by different people.

Use Case Description See

An account owner creates an Oracle Integration instance (trial)

This super administrator creates and manages the tenancy. The account owner is automatically assigned all permissions.

Typically, the account owner grants permission to administrators to create and delete compartments, then hands off tasks to other administrators. However, with full administration privileges, account owners can proceed to creating Oracle Integration instances.

Configuring the Ability to Create and Delete Compartments

Creating and Editing Oracle Integration Generation 2 Instances

An account owner delegates to other administrators who create and manage Oracle Integration instances (typical)

Instance creators require both IDCS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure mapped identities. They must also be assigned the administrator entitlement role to create instances.

Configuring Access to Create and Manage Instances in One Console

An administrator configures read only access for selected users to view a list of Oracle Integration instances (audit)

These users require an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure identity only.

Configuring Read Only Access to One Console

An administrator configures user identities to navigate to and use Oracle Integration (most service users)

These users require an IDCS identity only.

Configuring Access to Oracle Integration Instances