Signing in to the Console

Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Console as a user federated through Oracle Identity Cloud Service. A federated environment enables business partners to integrate in the identity management realm by providing a mechanism for users to share identity information across respective security domains.

  1. Use the link provided to you to sign in to your cloud account.

    The Sign In screen is displayed, where you enter your cloud account name, which is your tenant name.

  2. If needed, enter your cloud tenant, and click Continue.

    Identity options are displayed.

    • The left side displays federated sign in (Oracle Integration is federated with Oracle Identity Cloud Service).

    • The right side displays native Identity and Access Management (IAM) options standard to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


    If no federated sign in options are displayed on the left, your tenancy requires manual federation. Sign in as an administrator using native IAM credentials and complete federation, including group mapping. See Understanding Oracle Integration Federation and Manually Federating Your Tenancy.

    Description of sign_in_auth.png follows

  3. Under Single Sign-On (SSO) options, note the identity provider selected in the Identity Provider field and click Continue.
    The Oracle Identity Cloud Service sign in screen is shown.
  4. Enter the user name and password provided in the welcome email, and click Sign In.
    One Console is shown. Want to learn more about One Console? See the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Blog.
  5. Click Navigation menu icon in the top left corner. Scroll to explore the categories and options, using the left scroll bar as needed.
    • From the Solutions and Platform category, select Application Integration, then Integration. Use this landing page to access, create, and manage Oracle Integration instances.

    • From the Governance and Administration category, select Identity. Use Identity links to create compartments if needed, and perform tasks related to identity management.